The Pioneers

Beginners 4 - 9 Years of Age: Our beginners program is unique as it designed to build skills in a non-competitive environment with the option of participating in matches. It is a program designed to instill the required fundamentals a player needs to take full advantage of what the soccer world can offer.

After-School Programming

After-school soccer emphasizes the link between student and athlete. Elements of this program are essential for players who have a strong inclination to play in university or pursue international opportunities.

Competitive Play

Competitive Play starts at age 10. F.C. New Orleans teams work towards competitive play and thus all older players are placed on teams and are trained in manner designed to produce high quality competitive players. Though we have a no cut policy, we are the smallest club (10 to 20 times smaller) in Louisiana to earn the right to play in the state's top competitive division.

Looking to the Future

No matter what your desired intentions are, F.C. New Orleans is unique in the United States in that it has outlets for you. For example, we participate in international trips, international residential programs, international camps and promote international educational opportunities. These are just a start!